Return Flight

Return Flight chronicles the restoration of the bald eagle to the Channel Islands in the face of pervasive DDT contamination.

The bald eagle was once an important avian predator in the Channel Islands, a group of islands just off the coast of Southern California. Then in the early 60¹s the bald eagles disappeared due to egg collecting, hunting, and DDT contamination. Return Flight chronicles how a dedicated team of biologists and their partners has been working tirelessly for decades to bring the bald eagle back to the Channel Islands, leading to some amazing results.

National PBS broadcast via Natural Heroes  Official Selection of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, the Waimea Film Festival, the DC Environmental Film Festival, the SF Ocean Film Festival, and many other screenings and festivals.

Produced, Writen & Directed by Kevin White

Narration by Peter Coyote

Executive Producers: Jennifer Boyce, Annie Little, and Gabrielle Dorr

Edited by Theron Yeager & Gina Liebrecht

Camera: Richard Neil, Don Starnes, Christopher Blum, David Donnefield & Kevin White

Sound Mix: Leroy Clark & Shane Watson – Sirius Sound

Motion Graphics: Sean Dana

Color Correction/Finishing: David Santamaria

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