Over 20 years after two women were raped by the same serial rapist, they randomly meet. The encounter leads one to obsessively delve into the rape, and the other to struggle against the surfacing of the trauma. Eventually they embark together on a journey to release the anguish that unwillingly connected them. The film refers to an actual serial rapist who was operating in Tel Aviv. In the film, factual content and documentary footage is woven into the fictional story. Winner of the Ecumenical Prize, Panorama, Berlin International Film Festival, Best Israeli Film and Best Actress, Haifa International Film Festival, Grand Prize the 34ème Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil, and MOMA NY selection for theatrical run. A feature length fiction film by Michal Aviad with Ronit Elkabetz and Evegenia Dodina. (2011)