The Medea Project’s Birthright? is a searing dramatic narrative of deep connections between women’s health and reproductive rights and the stark realities of rape, of living with HIV and of women finding their voice in a male-dominated world that often demeans and devalues them. The Birthright? video documentary weaves the creation of the Birthright? live performance with the stories of its creators – women finding empowerment through telling the truth – telling the truth to themselves, to each other and to the world.

Birthright? originally grew out of conversations between the Medea Project and Planned Parenthood in the greater Bay Area. The Medea Project, founded and led by Cultural Odyssey’s Rhodessa Jones, is among the most provocative of contemporary theatrical workshops.

Rhodessa: So many folks depend on Planned Parenthood as their community clinic. We’ve learned that Planned Parenthood plays into the lives of many of the broken and wounded people. We are taking their language, their ideas, their images, and the color oftheir words to create stories of survival.

Producer/Director of “Birthright? – The Documentary”:  Bruce Schmiechen