wilder than wild: Fire, Forests and the future

Wilder than Wild: Fire, Forests and the Future exposes the impact of the war against fire, as fuel build-up and climate change converge to push California forests to a tipping point. Focusing on the Rim Fire, which burned a quarter of a million acres in the central Sierra, we show how forests that evolved with fire are now threatened by megafires. The health of much of the land that stores water and carbon, feeds and shelters a diversity of wildlife, and gives people the joys of recreation is in jeopardy. And the death of tens of millions of pines from bark beetle infestation has brought some forests past the point of no return. This crisis has motivated former adversaries with historically opposing interests to form stakeholder groups aimed at restoring the lands they all love and depend on. Working with scientists and innovative resource managers, they are building consensus on how to manage fire and protect our forests for the years ahead.


In their 13-minute film, The Fire Next Time, filmmakers Stephen Most and Kevin White examine how problematic policies, fuel build-up, and climate change converged to push a Sierra Nevada forest to a tipping point. Much of the land that once stored water and carbon, fed and sheltered a diversity of wildlife, and gave people the joys of recreation may never be restored. Many more forests are in danger of a similar fate. The response to the Rim Fire by resource managers and concerned stakeholders will inform efforts to save other forested lands. All of these issues are to be explored in depth in their hour-long film Wilder Than Wild.

Producers: Stephen Most & Kevin White
Director: Kevin White
Writer: Stephen Most