Getting Your Story Told

FCSF provides low-cost fiscal sponsorship to independent media-makers seeking to align themselves with a non-profit partner in order to solicit donations from individuals, foundations, and other grant sources.  We seek storytellers who have projects that align with our mission to create media that engages audiences in matters of social, cultural, and environmental significance.  All creative control lies with the filmmaker, who operates as a separate entity with responsibility for their own project development and financial administration. 

FCSF sees itself as more than simply a fiscal “pass through,” but rather as a partner in helping filmmakers get their project finished and distributed.  We monitor progress, help ensure that grant funds are spent in accordance with funder requirements, and generally serve as a liaison between funders and filmmakers.  We do our best to connect filmmakers with the community of funders that are looking to support related impact media. 

If accepted, FCSF serves as the fiscal sponsor for the duration of your project. We charge between 5% to 7% of incoming funds, depending upon the donation amount received. We also set up a project page on our web site and provide a donor button that enables your sponsors to contribute directly to your film online. Throughout the project, we provide feedback on proposals and edits, and try to be a sounding board for funding strategies. We also have low-cost access to a screening room at our facility at the 9th Street Independent Film Center in San Francisco.

Application Process

All projects must be original and not work for hire. The film/media - makers must have creative control. If required, story rights must be in place, or at least in process, prior to submitting an application.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed by our program committee and staff. Decisions are made within 2 – 3 weeks once all materials are submitted.  

To Apply

  • Fill out this brief questionnaire.

  • Meet or have a conference call with us to discuss your project.

  • Submit a proposal along with a $25 sponsorship member fee.

  • The proposal should include the following:
    • A concise, thoughtful treatment and/or project proposal (2 -5 pages)
    • A paragraph or two on the project status
    • A fundraising strategy
    • A distribution and engagement strategy
    • A budget and timeline
    • CVs or bios of the principle production personnel
    • A video sample of the project for which you are applying or a sample of a past project (Vimeo or YouTube links preferred)

Professional Support

FCSF is run by experienced filmmakers who want to help you get over the finish line! We are available to meet with you for initial consultation, and throughout the process of fundraising. We also can help you in the following areas on a sliding scale fee basis:

  • Budgeting

  • Production Management

  • Fundraising strategy

  • Crowdsourcing strategy and process

  • Story and narrative structure

  • Detailed feedback on proposals, treatments, rough cuts and fine cuts

  • Distribution consulting

  • Referrals for production, fundraising, and administrative personnel


Please call 415-546-0155 or email with questions.