The Gatekeeper

There is a math crisis in America. By middle school, two-thirds of our students will fall behind grade level in their math classes. By high school graduation, fewer than half will be prepared for college-level courses. And yet, success in math remains a powerful gatekeeper–the door not only to coursework and college but also careers in science, medicine, technology, and engineering. The Gatekeeper examines how our traditional approach to math education favors rote performance over problem-solving and imitation over creativity–even among high-achieving students. 

Beyond examining the roots of our math crisis, The Gatekeeper follows the stories of passionate educators who are working to create more engaging, effective and equitable methods for teaching math. It creates a vivid portrait of what powerful math classrooms look and sound like, and it advocates for change through the use of success stories and collaboration rather than critique.

By shining a spotlight on the groundbreaking work being done by bold educators across the country,The Gatekeeper points us toward a new reality: a classroom where every student can succeed at math. Produced and directed by Vicki Abeles.

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