There are moments when the human race spreads its improbable wings and actually soars. This is one of those moments.

The Daughter’s Voice presents the interlocking stories of five young women from the Terai region of Western Nepal, where poverty and severe oppression have forced generations of girls into indentured servitude. Many of these girls were sold for less than 60 dollars a year and some were taken from their families as young as five years old.

Now freed, after toiling for years as indentured servants, our film’s main characters have become leaders in a movement to abolish this embedded practice of slavery, known as Kamlari. The girls tell the astonishing tale of how almost 13,000 girls have been rescued over the past 14 years.

Transformed into powerful activists, the freed slave girls have created their own NGO, The Freed Kamlari Development Forum (FKDF). With over 1,700 members, the FKDF is helping the girls build new lives through education, vocational training, micro financing, and peer counseling. Their continued activism, often at great personal risk, has essentially abolished the Kamlari practice – and changed the way a nation views, and values, its women and girls.

Why tell this story?

With the world’s attention now focused on gender equality as key to healthy societies, and the shocking number of women still enslaved worldwide, The Daughter’s Voice will be the centerpiece for a global outreach campaign that will raise awareness, showcase a successful model, and stimulate funding for organizations working to end child slavery in countries around the world.

A film by Roy Cox & Robin Mortarotti

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