Racing To Zero

Racing To Zero is a quick moving, up-tempo documentary that presents new solutions to the global problem of waste. Although waste may create garbage, garbage is in itself a RESOURCE, and that is key.

Garbage has an enormous impact on global warming and contributes to 44% of the greenhouse gases that are affecting the environment. The World Bank’s global analysis projects a staggering increase in garbage during the next 13 years from 1.43 billion tons per year to 2.42 billion tons per year in 2025.

A new culture of awareness is spreading and leading people to adopt new practices, create new businesses, and develop new composting technologies in an effort to eliminate waste. The goal is to educate people to make an informed decision, read labels, use less, and buy with recycling in mind.  Our adventure is an on-going treasure hunt. We can and must live off our garbage and the race can be won. The simple substitution of the word RESOURCE for the word GARBAGE produced a new pot of gold.

Directed by Christopher Beaver

Produced by Diana Fuller

This film has been completed and is currently in distribution.

Visit the Racing to Zero web site.