Fair Fight in the Marketplace

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Fair Fight in the Marketplace


Provides an engaging look at the antitrust laws that give protection to both American consumers and businesses.

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Fair Fight in the Marketplace provides an engaging look at our antitrust laws that give protection to both American consumers and businesses. The half-hour program also considers a more fundamental question: can a set of regulations created by the Sherman Act at the end of the 19th century be relevant in today’s era of digital technology and high-speed communications?

Hosted by NPR and Fox News commentator Mara Liasson, the program provides a short, colorful history of the antitrust laws in America and features three recent case studies—

    • Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) leading a worldwide price-fixing conspiracy
      (the focus of the movie “The Informant”, starring Matt Damon — see below)
    • Mylan Pharmaceuticals cutting off supplies to competitors to inflate prices
    • Microsoft’s bullying of Netscape to capture the internet browser market

“Recommended. A short introduction to the history of anti-trust laws… best suited for a high school to undergraduate audience… a good discussion starter on ethics in an entry-level business class.”
- Educational Media Reviews Online

“As a quick overview of antitrust law cases – past and present – this should be of interest to both students of corporate law and history buffs.”
- Video Librarian

“This movie lays out the issue [antitrust] in a very clear and balanced way that is also entertaining.”
- Robert Pitofsky, Former Chairman of US Federal Trade Commission, Professor at Georgetown University Law School

“I teach a freshman Business Law course . . . Last year, when someone told me about Fair Fight, I decided to change my syllabus. I told the students to skim (rather than read) the text, but to watch the video.”
- Eli Bortman, Lecturer in law, Babson College

“Fair Fight in the Marketplace is an amazing documentary, informative and entertaining, that shows why competition is so important and how urgently the antitrust laws are needed.”
- Joan Claybrook, President, Public Citizen, Former Director of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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Produced, Written & Directed by Kevin White & David Donnenfield