The Lure of this land

THE LURE OF THIS LAND- The Expat Stories

This is the story of immigrants, specifically immigrants to Belize, Central America as it represents a microcosm of the world with its many and varied cultures/ethnicities. Belize is a small country with only about 370,000 people occupying 8,867 square miles (22,700 square kilometers). Its inhabitants include: Guatemalans, Mexicans, Mestizo, Garifuna, Amish, Mennonites, Lebanese, Chinese, East Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern/Arab, British, American, Three different Mayan cultures (Kekchi, Mopan and Yucatec).

This documentary will explore and attempt to answer the fundamental questions of why we leave the places we know. What are we looking for? And what is found? The filmmaker's creative journey is also woven into the fabric of this exploration. What inspires us to unearth our stories; the stories of others, the stories of ourselves?

The Filmmaker

Alexandra Lexton is the Producer/Writer/Director of THE LURE OF THIS LAND. Her experience as a development and production executive in Hollywood, led to her role as co- Producer on two feature films. Information on other feature film projects in development through her company Lex Productions are available on the website