Home yet far away

An immigrant filmmaker struggles with identity and belonging in the United States, in the face of her bond with her traditional elderly parents in Iran and heated conflict among her radical housemates in California. She moves to a nine-housemate cooperative house in Oakland, striving to combine American freedom with the warmth of community and family she has felt in Iran. After her beloved mother’s passing, while taking care of her patriarchal father, she finds her voice and a sense of confidence and purpose. She then works to save her cooperative household in the U.S. from falling apart after tensions come to a head among her housemates. This personal inquiry for peace within oneself and with others can also be seen as a model for embracing growth in conflict and finding balance and harmony between contradictions.

This one-hour documentary is intended for American Public Television (PBS) in order to reach large American population. We are in post-production and hope to finish the film by 2020. We truly appreciate your support of this timely and important film. All donations are tax-deductible.

Directed by Sabereh Kashi.