The GateKeeper: Math education in America

The Gatekeeper asks why so many of our students are struggling with math and why so little progress has been made. The film poses these questions to teachers, students and education experts who examine the limitations of our traditional approach to math, how it under-serves and excludes many students, and how deep-seated misunderstandings about math education have prevented better practices from reaching the classroom. Answers to these questions reveal math as a microcosm for the major shortcomings of our education system as a whole: our narrow, test-driven education culture; our focus on memorization and rote repetition; and our marginalization of those very students for whom a good education is crucial to future opportunity and economic equity. By shining a spotlight on the groundbreaking work being done by bold educators across the country, The Gatekeeper points us toward a new reality: a classroom where every student can succeed at math. A film by Vicki Abeles, Reel Link Films.