Intrinsic Spin

San Francisco identical twins, PETER and DAVID are starkly contrasting adults. Devastatingly, David’s death to CCL leukemia forces Peter to face the limitations of his HIV positive status. Legally unable to become his brother’s bone marrow donor, Peter must deal with the guilt surrounding his brother's death. He begins an emotional journey which leads him towards disclosing his status to other family members, unleashing his resentment towards his own partner and escaping the city to an HIV retreat in rural Mendocino, where he ultimately confronts himself. He returns to San Francisco, discovering what it means to be twin-less and begins his path towards finding a new normal.

Experiencing discrimination and recognizing a shared interest in others, I aspire to join and advance people through the power of cinema by telling personal stories that acknowledge our struggle.
Warsaw IFF/ Sydney IFF/ Melbourne IFF/ Copenhagen IFF/ Rotterdam IFF/ Flickerfest IFF (Audience choice)/ LA Webfest (Nomination) Australia Film Industry (Nomination)/ Strasbourg IFF/ Sao Paulo IFF/ NY Newfest IFF/ Sydney Mardi Gras IFF/ Melbourne Queerfest IFF
PRODUCER Mando Stathi
The socio political and the human emotional contexts of creating a story about HIV is an opportunity to evolve outdated stigmas within previously unreachable and apathetic audience demographics.
Leeds IFF, London Independent FF, LA Greek FF, Drama FF, Athens International FF, Women’s International Film &Art Festival, Sunscreen FF, Maverick Film Awards, Kinofilm Manchester IFF, Hellas Filmbox Berlin, Festival International Signes de Nuit

At it’s lifeblood the film explores the scope of human reactions to loss and grief through a narrative structure that invites the audience to observe characters at their most personal and honest junctures.
Oscar Nomination for Editing on Neil Jordan’s film ‘The Crying Game’, Cymru BAFTA nomination for Editing of ‘Solomon and Gaenor’.