Home yet far away: The Feminine Iran, the masculine u.s., it's not a gender issue

Iranian immigrant filmmaker, Sabereh, seeks to find home in California, while worrying about a military conflict between the U.S. and Iran during the post 9/11 era. Her beloved mother’s death prompts her to a journey to her hometown of Tehran where she tries to reconcile with her distant and cynical father who insists that she decide to either stay in Iran or return to the U.S. permanently and “stop clowning” in her life. Over the next five years, she travels between the U.S. and Iran, staying six months in each country while taking care of her physically faltering father, wondering what it means to be a good daughter and independent woman. While living in a collective house in California, she begins learning more about gender issues and goddess cultures. Sabereh’s journey is intensely personal, exploring multiple layers of her identity as an Iranian American woman. By the time her father passes away, Sabereh has found peace within herself, and between Iran and her adopted home, by struggling with profound questions of roots, national identity, family roles, gender, and the immigrant experience.

Directed by Sabereh Kashi

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